With construction completed, residents have moved into and begun enjoying life at The Jackson on High. A wide-range of different floor plans, each one unique, are still available for those considering a move to The Jackson. The selection of available units includes customizable and completed units.

Customizable condos

It’s a blank canvas for you to paint your lifestyle on. When it comes to finishes, every aspect of these units is customizable. Select from one of our many levels of luxurious finishes or request something as original as you are. Not sure how to begin, no worries. We have Columbus leading interior designer on- staff to help you through the process. With our designer’s guidance, you’re literally just a few selections away from making The Jackson on High your home.

Completed condos

For some, the luxury of time isn’t something they have. Because of this, JBH Holdings has preselected several condos and created some incredible options to select from (thanks to the guidance of our interior designer). In these condos, high-grade granite and marble, designer wood floors and tile, and top-of-the-line appliances create a perfect and inviting home.

The Jackson on High Sales Center

We plan to exceed every expectation you have for The Jackson on High. Keeping this goal in mind, we created The Jackson on High Sales Center, filled with the endless selection of finishing choices. The Jackson on High Sales Center will make available to you everything your Jackson on High condominium can be, offering limitless possibilities.

To make your Jackson on High condominium truly yours and one of a kind, you will have the option to select from countless finishes. Additionally, if you have a customization that is a must-have on your list of wants, we’ll make it happen. It’s our way of making your Jackson on High condominium a true representation of who you are and how you would like to live.